Waltman & Grisham Donates to Elderly Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey caused widespread devastation that left so many people without necessary, day-to-day supplies. Our team noticed that many elders needed help too. We took it upon ourselves to start putting together bags and boxes with products suited specifically for elders.

Preventing Child Bicycle Accidents

Many children throughout the United States love to ride their bicycles. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware of the possible dangers correlated with biking unless their parents teach them about riding safety. If your child is learning how to ride a bicycle, share the following safety tips …

Attorney Robert Waltman Selected for Inclusion in 2016 Super Lawyers® List

We are pleased to announce that Attorney Robert Waltman has been selected for inclusion in the 2016 Super Lawyers® list. This achievement signifies his commitment to providing top-tier, honest, and knowledgeable legal representation.

How Long Does Whiplash Last?

Also known as a neck sprain or neck strain, whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues located in the neck. This type of injury often occurs when a person is rear-ended in a motor vehicle, causing a sudden backward movement and forward movement to the neck joints and the upper back to overstretch. Symptoms include …