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Safety 2.0: How safe are driver assistance devices in cars?

Whenever there are scientific discoveries that lead to advances in technology, the car industry is usually there to take advantage of it. When the microprocessor was introduced to the market, cars started utilizing electronic control units. When GPS navigation was being developed, the automotive industry was one of the first to put it to commercial […]

What to Expect During Jury Duty

Many adults have been summoned for jury duty. The experience is roughly the same. You open your mail one day, and an official letter from a state or federal court screams “Jury Summons” to you in large, conspicuous type. Many adults have successfully managed to avoid fulfilling their civic duty to serve as a juror. […]

What is Loss of Consortium?

Personal injury damages can be attributed to different losses a person typically suffers as a result of suffering from a bodily injury. Economic damages compensate the injured victim for monetary losses related to their injury, such as medical and hospital bills for treatment of an injury. However, there are some losses you can’t put a price […]

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

During the holidays, you may be traveling out of town to visit friends and relatives. While road trips can be exciting and fun, they can also be dangerous. It is important to adequately prepare before starting out, and to exercise caution while on the road.Here are some safety tips to help …