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Electronic Onboard Recorders

There is no question that commercial trucks pose a significant risk to other drivers who share the roads throughout the country. In order to prevent devastating truck accidents, state and federal government entities oversee the activities of the trucking industry.
Jun 23/by Michael Pulk

How to Avoid Reckless Drivers

Texas traffic is no joke. With annoying driving conditions such as these, aggressive driving occurs more frequently. Unfortunately, this type of driving results in many accidents every year, so it is imperative to be constantly aware of aggressive road behavior before you get hurt.
Jun 6/by Michael Pulk

Attorney Robert Waltman Named Among Nation’s Top One Percent by National Association of Distinguished Counsel

Firm Partner Robert B. Waltman has been recognized among the Nation’s Top Attorneys by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC). This is a prestigious achievement in the legal industry, and one that highlights Mr. Waltman’s demonstration of the highest ideals of professionalism and legal excellence.
May 25/by Michael Pulk

The Long-Term Effects of Brain Injury

Approximately 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries occur every year in this country. Due to this staggering number, it is important for everyone to be as informed as possible about the potential effects of long-term brain injuries and how to cope with them.
May 19/by Michael Pulk

Leading Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks such as semi-trucks and tractor trailers present unique dangers to small vehicles and their passengers. Not only must truckers be constantly aware of the hazards associated with these massive vehicles, but other motorists also need to use extra caution whenever they encounter commercial trucks on the road.
May 5/by Michael Pulk

Can I Sue If My Accident Was Caused by Bad Roads?

Determining liability in a car accident is often simple. However, what if the damages you suffer are caused by a dangerous road condition? Who is liable?
Apr 25/by Michael Pulk

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents on the Road

Many people ride motorcycles to experience the joy and thrill of riding fast in the open air. Furthermore, motorcycles are highly efficient on gas mileage, which is a great way of saving money. However, a major drawback is that even the most experienced motorcyclists are vulnerable to the risk of serious and fatal accidents and injuries.
Apr 11/by Michael Pulk

School Bus Wreck in East Texas Kills High School Coach, Injures Students

A local high school track coach was killed and nearly 20 students were injured Thursday evening when a school bus was involved in a wreck with a commercial tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle. According to local authorities, the wreck occurred shortly before 11:00 pm near Talco, Texas, roughly 25 miles north of Mount Pleasant.
Mar 24/by Michael Pulk

Passenger Bus Struck by Train in Biloxi, MS, Four Deaths Reported

We regret to report that a charter bus that departed from Bastrop, Texas was struck by a freight train in Biloxi, Mississippi, resulting in four deaths and at least seven serious injuries. The charter bus was transporting 48 people, mostly senior citizens...
Mar 8/by Michael Pulk

The Long-Term Effects of a TBI – What You Need to Know

Much is still unknown about the human brain and how trauma affects it. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be either mild or severe. One example of a mild TBI is a concussion, and symptoms may fade with bed rest and proper recuperation. However, severe ...
Feb 16/by Michael Pulk

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Most people know what they should do if they get into a car accident: collect the other driver’s information, take pictures, find witnesses, and so on. What you might not know is what you shouldn’t do after a car accident...
Jan 21/by Michael Pulk

3 Things You Should Know About Your Airbag

Airbags are an essential part of vehicle and car accident safety. They have become such a fundamental part of collision safety that many people may feel uncomfortable riding in a vehicle that doesn’t have airbags installed. Despite their important function, many people are not completely familiar with the regulations ...
Jan 14/by Michael Pulk