Real Client’s – True Stories

Costa – Business Litigation Case

“If you do your vetting, you’ll realize they’re the top practice in the community. They are very practical. They don’t waste time. They don’t waste money. They advocate for you in a very positive way.”

Rosa – Testimonial

“Yo trabajo para la oficina de los abogados Waltman y Grisham. Y he estado trabajando con ellos por 10 años. Yo le ayudo a los abogados a interpretar  o traducir cuando estamos en una junta o en una llamada de teléfono. Yo me siento con ellos y comunico en inglés y en español para ayudar al cliente y al abogado poder comunicarse.”

Gene – Workplace Accident Injury

“They did exactly what they said they could do. It was all up front. I didn’t have any surprises. They sent me to the top specialists.”

Judy – Car Accident Testimonial

Judy, who was seriously injured in a rollover accident, hired Waltman & Grisham, Attorneys at Law to help her seek compensation. Hours and hours of paperwork were completed for her case, and she describes her attorney as always going “above and beyond the call of duty.”

Sheila – Testimonial

Sheila describes Robert Waltman and the entire team at Waltman & Grisham, Attorneys at Law as “brilliant, thorough attorneys” and was truly touched by the level of time, energy, and dedication the firm invested in helping her obtain maximum compensation.

"I couldn’t be happier thanks to them!"

Well, I must say that these guys went over and beyond for me! I was and an accident that put me out of work. Waltman & Grisham Made sure is was taking care of. They saw that all of my hospital bills were taking care of and that my family and I had nothing to worrying about. They got me back more than I thought and were glad to see that I was happy. I couldn’t be happier thanks to them! I thank you guys for your support and love and very much hard work on my case. and on behalf of my family and myself. God bless and thank you!


Brain injury case

Lynn and his staff was there for me and my family when we needed them, They made sure we were updated throughout the process of our lawsuit.


Frankly, a Godsend!

After hitting a massive black container filled with hydraulic oil in the middle of the highway at 10 pm on a very dark night, I was seriously injured and didn’t know where to turn. Mr. Grisham was compassionate and his first concern was my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I was able to speak with him directly, which I appreciated. Mr. Grisham kept in contact with me regularly regarding the status of my case. He is well respected and connected in the legal community statewide, which is very beneficial to clients. Most important, Mr. Grisham is a man of highest integrity and personal character. his ethical standards are superior. I trusted him with my legal needs, which he handled impeccably; however, his care and concern for my personal well-being was truly a blessing! I highly recommend and encourage anyone seeking legal advice to call upon Mr. Grisham! I can assure you that you will be thankful you made the call.


Her professionalism and understanding was extremely reassuring during the whole process

I had the privilege of working with Donna after my father passed away. I needed to have my father’s will probated in the county in which he resided. She was very knowledgeable about the process and immediately began to file all of the documents with the court system. When it came time to probate the will, she was very willing to drive the 60 miles for the court appearance. Her professionalism and understanding was extremely reassuring during the whole process. Everything was done in a timely manner and she made a most difficult time for me as stress free as possible. I have returned to her several times for help preparing Wills, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, and Medical Power of Attorney for my family and other members of my immediate family. My experience with her has been extremely gratifying. Donna is very diverse in many areas of legal services. I will continue to use her as my legal representative and I highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking an excellent attorney. I have previously referred several friends to her already needing assistance with personal injury claims.


Lynn Grisham to My Rescue

I was at a total loss for what to do so I called Mr. Grisham. After I explained that a young driver who admitted fault had caused an accident in which my car was totaled, I was injured and that the insurance company was refusing to pay; he took my case. Due to this accident, I had to visit a number of doctors and physical therapists. My medical bills were very quickly adding up, which added to the stress of this event. Mr. Grisham stepped in, calmed my stress and helped me through it all.

He calmed my fears and began the process of educating me on what to expect and what his plan of action would be. He requested pertinent information and told me he would take care of things. He went on to explain my legal rights which helped me to make more informed decisions.

Mr. Grisham kept me informed throughout the process. He requested information as needed, acknowledged receipt of the information, gave me status updates and continued to help me throughout this most stressful event.

Mr. Grisham is a man of integrity with a very kind heart. In terms of large income for him, my case was quite small but he made me feel as if my case was most important.

Mr. Grisham knows the law and can explain it in a way that is easy to understand. I received a fair settlement and learned a great deal in the process. I would recommend Mr. Grisham to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney.


He was always accessible to speak with us even if the purpose of the meeting was to calm our nerves

I was severely hurt while working as a subcontractor on the property of a global company. My wife and I had no idea the course of action to pursue for impending medical bills and damages. Luckily, we were referred to Mr. Tommy (Rusty) Harrison. From the first meeting until the last, we constantly felt relieved that we had a true expert working on our behalf. We, like most people had no idea the amount of comprehension of the law, access to experts, and the ability to mediate are essential for a successful outcome. At the outset, Mr. Harrison defined my case and treated it as if we would pursue a trial. He sent me to experts to assess solid quantifiable damages. Mr. Harrison hit the ground running and had built a compelling case before the defense could construct an inadequate argument. Due to Mr. Harrison’s perseverance, my settlement was much more than I presumed. Mr. Harrison informed and enlightened us every step of the way. He was always accessible to speak with us even if the purpose of the meeting was to calm our nerves. We knew this was something we could not handle without an attorney and we were fortunate to have the best. I will most likely suffer with back pain for a long time but I will not have to worry about our financial future because of Tommy (Rusty) Harrison. I cannot recommend him enough!


Best Ever Problem Solver and timely solutions

Lynn has helped me with family concerns, Will and Deed and personal Accident problems for which I had little to no Idea of how Insurance and Medical problems and solutions operate. Lynn has more than successfully processed Liability problems with my Insurance, Medicare, Blue Shield and obtained much needed compensation both for my injuries and vehicle losses.


Highly highly recommend!!

Highly highly recommend!! Worked diligently and without complaint getting my case done to have the greatest outcome for myself and my 3 children and very sympathetic and understanding in the process.


I’m very thankful and blessed to have had her fighting for my family and my deceased wife

Donna was my attorney in my wife’s fatal auto accident. Her professionalism, knowledge and drive on the case was exemplary. Donna was always there when I needed information or understanding on the case and it’s proceedings. She genuinely cared for me and my children and treated us as family and not just another case file. I’m very thankful and blessed to have had her fighting for my family and my deceased wife.



Mr. Harrison represented me in a “slip and fall” case. I had never been involved in any legal action (other than a divorce and will) and was in pain, stressed and completely ignorant of where to turn next. Mr. Harrison met with me, and I immediately knew that I had found the right person to represent me. He is calm, efficient and responsive but more importantly is kind and makes you feel comfortable with his level of knowledge and expertise. He is completely up front in representing what he can and cannot do. He explained the entire process, making sure my expectations were realistic. He literally did all the work and kept me up to date and informed. The case went to mediation this month, and the settlement was more than I had hoped for. If you need legal representation, I can and do whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Harrison as an ethical and expert attorney!


I strongly recommend Rusty to anyone in need of a lawyer. I appreciate his extraordinary support.

I had a car accident two years ago from which I suffered an injury. I was hit by a driver who was a DWI. The insurance covering the driver did not respond to settling the body injury case in the way I expected them to. I was running out of time. Not knowing what to do and being an international student in the US with no desire to get involved in any legal matter, I was very hesitated to approach a lawyer for my case. I decided that there is nothing to lose by talking to a lawyer. I used avvo and found Rusty. I called and scheduled a meeting. I was surprised with the amount of knowledge I gained in one meeting. He was very detailed in explaining the way to proceed. He explained to me the possible scenarios and expectations. He went into bits and pieces of every scenario and was very open to my questions. I was very pleased. My main limitation through the whole process was that I did not have time to follow with paperwork and requirements for the case. I did not have to. He handled the case with minimum work from my side while keeping me updated on the progress of the case. Rusty was always very responsive and open to my inquiries. I am not aware of the law so I was always raising inquiries about things here and there. He never made me feel bad about asking anything and always replied quickly to my emails in a friendly and detailed manner. He did not hesitate to clear my concerns with simple language. We settled and I got more than I expected from the settlement. In our final closure meeting, he spent more than an hour addressing my final inquiries with an honest friendly smile. He is definitely one of the most supportive people I met in my life. Even after the case was settled, he continued to respond to my emails in the manner he did through the case. I strongly recommend Rusty to anyone in need of a lawyer. I appreciate his extraordinary support. Rusty is very smart, knowledgeable and confident. He really knows how to get people their fair right and fights for it. On top of that, he has a great personality. I was lucky to have him represent me and I am glad with the outcome of the case.


He will work very hard for you to help you achieve the ruling that you deserve

Rusty Harrison represented me after I was injured in a motorcycle accident. I had never been seriously injured or involved in a lawsuit before. After interviewing several lawyers, we decided to go with Mr. Harrison. He is very honest and straight forward. He took the time to explain the process, accurately described the timetable for getting the case to court, and helped me understand the true value of my claim so that I had realistic expectations. My case settled and I am extremely pleased with the results. If I ever need a lawyer at any time in the future, Mr. Harrison will be the first person I contact. I highly recommend Rusty Harrison to anyone seeking a lawyer. He will work very hard for you to help you achieve the ruling that you deserve.


I was very pleased with the good work that Mr. Harrison performed for me

I was very pleased with the good work that Mr. Harrison performed for me. He was very willing to hear everything that I had to say about the case and did ever thing that he could do to help me.